Gresham Landscape Management specializes in year round weed control. We service all types of grasses including Bermuda, Zoysia, Fescue and Centipede. We use a seven step program that has proven to be very effective for our customers over the years, We preform applications every seven to eight weeks. This program includes pre emergent applications in the fall, early winter, late winter and spring. It also includes fertilizer applications in the spring and throughout the summer and early fall months. We also treat for existing weeds at each application to ensure a healthy and weed controlled lawn at all times. We are so sure our treatments will be effective that we offer free call backs to all existing customers. That is satisfaction guaranteed.

We also specialize in turf disease and fungus, disease and fungus can cause serious problems in a lawn. If you ever see any signs of disease or fungus please call our office for a free inspection. After identifying the disease or fungus in the lawn, we then will apply the correct amount of fungicide to move toward correcting the problem.

Here below is the schedule and services provided at each application.

Round 1 - Our first application of the season includes both post-emergent weed controls and pre-emergent weed controls to aid in the prevention of broadleaf weeds and annual crabgrass.

Round 2 - Our application of a second treatment of pre and post emergent weed controls. This application will continue to fight against crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds.

Round 3 - This application is a special blend of liquid fertilizer to improve spring green up and density. Weed control is applied to any undesirable broadleaf weeds. Now would be a good time to core aerate your lawn. Please feel free to call and set up an appointment.

Round 4 - Controlled release fertilizer is applied to improve your lawn's color and density. Broadleaf weed controls are applied as needed. Proper mowing and watering are the keys to maintaining a green healthy lawn during this time of season.

Round 5 - During the end of summer we apply controlled release fertilizer is to improve your lawn's color and density. Broadleaf weed controls are applied as needed. August/September is the time of year to start raising your mowing height if you have been mowing your warm season turf lower.

Round 6 - This application consists of both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls to prevent fall and winter weeds. This treatment is also designed to help minimize the possibility of winter injury.

Round 7 - Our last application of the year is pre-emergent weed control to prevent winter weeds. This treatment will also contain winter fertilization to improve root zone development for the cold winter months.